Penne Skewes
      Rec – Year 9,   
Adults – Literacy, Numeracy & Computing

My passion is learning and encouraging others to learn. My experience includes running my own tutoring business for 8 years, working as a lecturer in Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Literacy for 11 years and experience in training and coordinating.  My qualifications include current studies in the Masters in Education (Special Education), Graduate Certificate in Education, specialising in Special Education, undergraduate degree in Social Science, including the psychology of learning, Diploma in Teaching and Assessing and Certificate IV in Literacy and Numeracy.  All these qualifications and experience make me suitably qualified to work with children from Reception to year 9 and adults who require assistance with literacy, numeracy and digital literacy (computing) to assist them with further study or for personal interest.

Through experience, I have learned that everyone is different and learning needs to be tailored to a person’s level and interest. This is not always easy to do in a classroom environment but is possible through tutoring and therefore why tutoring can yield greater results. Some people take longer to master certain concepts and so need the extra support, encouragement and guidance for them to flourish. I work on building confidence and the desire to learn first so that motivation is high and knowledge will be retained. “Practice Makes Better” is my motto, and I have seen many children and adults increase their knowledge through appropriate instruction and support.  This is what we aim to provide at PMB Tutoring.

    Jo Matthews
Tutor (Rec – Year 6)
Maths and English

Jo has worked at PMB Tutoring since 2016 and also works as an SSO in schools with primary school aged children. She volunteered in the literacy and numeracy program at TAFE SA for 4 years.

In this time she has developed many strategies to assist students to learn and master concepts in literacy (English) from beginning reading through to spelling strategies, writing techniques and grammar, and in numeracy (Maths) from basic adding and subtraction strategies through to decimals, fractions, percent and measurement concepts.

Jo also uses a hands-on-approach, where needed to show application of mathematical concepts to the “real world” and assist students to gain meaning from learning and therefore increasing the student’s retention of knowledge.

Jo relates well to students and often receives positive feedback from parents. Jo loves to see her students grow and gain confidence.






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