Penne Skewes
Rec – Year 9,   
Adults – Literacy, Numeracy & Computing

My passion is learning and encouraging others to learn. My experience includes running my own tutoring business for 8 years, working as a lecturer in Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Literacy for 11 years and experience in training and coordinating.  My qualifications include current studies in the Masters in Education (Special Education), Graduate Certificate in Education, specialising in Special Education, undergraduate degree in Social Science, including the psychology of learning, Diploma in Teaching and Assessing and Certificate IV in Literacy and Numeracy.  All these qualifications and experience make me suitably qualified to work with children from Reception to year 9 and adults who require assistance with literacy, numeracy and digital literacy (computing) to assist them with further study or for personal interest.

Through experience, I have learned that everyone is different and learning needs to be tailored to a person’s level and interest. This is not always easy to do in a classroom environment but is possible through tutoring and therefore why tutoring can yield greater results. Some people take longer to master certain concepts and so need the extra support, encouragement and guidance for them to flourish. I work on building confidence and the desire to learn first so that motivation is high and knowledge will be retained. “Practice Makes Better” is my motto, and I have seen many children and adults increase their knowledge through appropriate instruction and support.  This is what we aim to provide at PMB Tutoring.

MSL, Maths and English
(Years 1 – 9) 

Fern-Lee (Tutor)

Fern-Lee is currently studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Honours) at the University of South Australia. She is majoring in English with a sub major of History.
Fern-Lee enjoys English and has a passion for helping students improve in this area. She enjoys tutoring as she is able to see students grow and improve in areas. 
Fern-Lee has experience through a range of placements undertaken through her university studies and hopes to inspire students through her love of learning. Her placements have highlighted to her that each student learns and different paces along with different learning styles. She hopes to emulate this through her tutoring sessions by getting to know the learner and their learning styles. She hopes to be a high school teacher once her studies finish. 


Tijana (Tutor)

Tijana is studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Honours) with a major in English at the University of South Australia.

Tijana has been initially trained in MSL specifically and will be working with students from years 1 – 8. She will be working with children specifically requiring English support but can also assist these students with math.

Tijana has been a part of the team since late July 2021. Her favourite parts of being a tutor is being able to help students grow in their learning, developing a sense of autonomy and become proud of their own learning.

It has been a lifelong dream of hers to become a teacher and tutoring reminds her of this every day. She believes that every child is capable of achieving greatness and it is her commitment to support them in their journey to greatness.

Tutor (Year 1 – Year 8)

MSL, English and Maths

Tutor Reception – Year 7
MSL, English and Maths

Tamara has a lot of experience working with kids as she has home-schooled her children for ten years along with a Certificate IV in Education Support. In addition, Tamara has undergone initial MSL training with students with dyslexia.

Tamara will be working with students from Reception to Grade 7 in Maths and English.

She has really enjoyed her time as a tutor so far and is encouraged to see improvements in new students in such a short time.

Reception – Year 7

Lauren is a fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher. She graduated from the University of South Australia in 2013 and has worked in the Early Childhood field before working in schools in the role of a Student Support Officer (sso) providing individual support to students in English and Maths. Lauren, in particular has knowledge in providing the Multi- Lit and Mini-Lit literacy programs to students in year levels Foundation-Year 6. She also has experience in teaching in the classroom with a range of ages from Foundation – Year 7.

“I love Literacy and enjoy helping students to reach their full potential based on their individual learning styles. I have enjoyed the opportunity to take on the role of tutor as it has allowed me to support students to grow in confidence in the skills that they sometimes find tricky. I hope to encourage children to find their love of learning with the added support I am able to provide through our sessions together.”


Tutor – English and Maths (Years 4 – 10)

Sophie is currently taking a gap year to pursue her dream to become a musical theatre performer. She graduated in 2021 with an ATAR of 98.95, achieving A grades in Chemistry, Math Methods and English Literary Studies. She is passionate about helping others to achieve in these learning areas and has experience working with children in many volunteering environments. She excels in communicating with and engaging youth to fulfil their potential in the areas of literacy and maths and has had great success working with her students since the beginning of the year.

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